Through one-to-one digital marketing training and affordable web design I help businesses grow their revenue and profits by improving their online presence.


Hi, my name is Joe Glennon, owner of Visitor Convert.

These might be some of the questions you are asking yourself:

“How can I get more customers for my business?” 

“How can I learn to get a return on my Facebook Advertising?”

“How can I set up and run regular email marketing campaigns?”

“How do I get started getting a new website online?” 

If you answered yes to any of the above then you in the right place.

By visiting this page alone indicates you have a desire and willingness to improve and grow your business. That’s a great start. And I’m here to help you.

You already know that the way people research and buy products and services has changed drastically. Potential customers no longer ask “have you a website?” or “have you a Facebook page?” but rather “what is your website address?” and “what is your Facebook page?”

Therefore, a business that is not visible online 1) is potentially losing out on a wave of customers looking for them and 2) is missing out on an enormous opportunity to grow revenue through a new channel.



There are 2 primary methods how I can help your business – these are one-to-one digital marketing training and website design.

One-to-One Training

More and More businesses I meet are eager to learn how to implement their own digital marketing campaigns rather than hire an agency.

They want to manage their own website, they want to have the ability to run profitable Facebook Advertising and they want to set up and have control over their email marketing. 

For me, this the way it should be for many businesses. Why? Because nobody knows their business and customers like you. Having the abiltiy and know-how to implement new marketing ideas is a wonderful asset to help you grow revenue and profits. Learn more about how I can help you gain the skills you need HERE.

Website Design

Unfortunately, many businesses are very active on social media channels such as Facebook but are missing a very important point. The large majority of consumers may discover your business on social media but will make their final purchasing decision AFTER visiting your website.

So here’s a pro tip. Your website should be the centre of your online marketing and your social media channels etc. should act as satellites continuously driving visitors to there to check you out and make a transaction.

This transaction could be to simply fill out a contact form, download a brochure, subscribe to your email list or best of all make a purchase.

I have done hundreds of audits on Facebook Advertising accounts and the number one reason I see ads under performing is due to people being sent to an appalling website that is impossible to view on mobile and gives a poor user experience.

A survey I carried out for a local home décor business resulted in 76% of respondents saying that the first thing they do when researching to buy a product or service is to search online. 

Furthermore, when asked the question “If you decide to visit a shop in person, how likely is it that you have researched that shop online before visiting?”, 55% responded Very Likely, 30% said Likely and only 1.5% said Very Unlikely.

Knowing this, I’ll leave you to decide if potential customers are researching your business.

To learn more about more about my web design services for local businesses or e-commerce click HERE.





Joe Glennon

Joe Glennon

Owner, Visitor Convert

The last thing you need now is for me to waffle on about myself. But you do need to know why I can help your business.

In a previous career as a Qualified Financial Advisor with Bank of Ireland I dealt every day with SME’s just like yours. Unfortunately, I seen many businesses struggle and I knew it was because they weren’t focusing on the right things.

At the end of the day, you can have an amazing product or service but if you can’t identify your correct target audience and cannot market effectively to these potential customers then you are going to find it extremely difficult. Harsh but true.

Since leaving my role in the banking sector I have gained a Post Grad from the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin achieving a result in the top 1% of that year. 

But more importantly, over the past number of years I have worked with over a hundred businesses in a wide variety of sectors helping them increase leads and sales.

The projects have ranged from Web Design, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, Local Search Engine Optimisation, One-to-One Training and Workshops.

And I’m sure like these businesses I can help you get the results you crave for your business.

I love what I do because I have a passion for helping small businesses compete in an environment that is dominated by large brands and multi-national chains.

On a personal level I have a wonderful wife and family and love my Sunday morning round of Golf!

Talk to Joe! If you would like to have a chat about your business feel free to get in touch. You can reach me on 087 9268272 or at joe@visitorconvert.com.


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